Teakway Industrial Sdn Bhd was established in 1986 and specializing in the manufacturing of industrial metal enclosures, outdoor & indoor cabinet, roadline machine, mixer machine and also can provide any items suitable base on request.

By using an automated machines, we able to produce a wide range of engineering products suitable for almost all manufacturing industries. TISB served the tele-comminication, laboratory, safety & security, food processing, construction, electrical & electronic, packing processing, highway & traffic and many other industries for over 25 years.

TISB emphasizes research and development and the maintenance of high standards of quality control. The availability of skilled labour and engineers is also an imporatant factor for the success of TISB. Taking this into consideration, TISB always emphasizes on human resource development through in house and external training to ensure there is no shortage of skiled labour for its own purpose.

TISB strive for the best quality for customer satisfaction through continual improvement in our Quality Management System and compliance to related statutory and regulatory requirements. We make sure the final products are checked & meet our stringent quality checks before supplied to our clients. Quality assurance is our commitment to our clients.
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Company Objectives
1. Ensure high precision quality through consistently upgrading our product
2. Seek of continuous improvement & development so as to adapt to market needs
3. Achieve higher level of customer’s satisfaction by providing more comprehensive services.

Company History
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